Sue Kreitzman

Sue Kreitzman

Born in NYC, Sue Kreitzman has lived and worked in London’s East End for 31 years. She had a long career as a food writer and broadcaster, but unexpectedly burst into art late in life. She now spends her life immersed in paint, sculpting material and found objects. Sue supports and encourages young (and old) outsider artists, and curates outsider art exhibitions. Her work is in collections all over the world, and her group exhibitions – Wild Old Women, Flashier and Trashier, Dare to Wear and Epiphanies – were exuberant and flamboyant blockbusters. She collects art; her collections surround and engulf her. One of the stars of the documentary Fabulous Fashionistas, one of Selfridges Bright Old Things and a Valspar colour ambassador,

Sue is also currently working on a big juicy art book about wearable art. 


Pecha Kucha: colour
Thursday 24th
18:00 - 20:00
Hosted by the inimitable Mark Dytham, founder of Pecha Kucha, speakers include Sebastian Conran, Custhom, Patternity, Sue Kreitzman and architects SimpsonHaugh and David Kohn, who will present 20 slides in 20 seconds on the topic of colour.

Expect a fast-paced, fun-packed evening. 






The Conference Centre invites you to
The Joy Of Colour



Intense passion and love for colour.

The exhibition displays work by 25 artists, ranging in age from early teens to octogenarian. The use of colour is integral to their creativity. Its absence of  would fundamentally alter the nature of their work.

020 79168416

FRIDAY 12/9/14 - THURSDAY 30/10/14

THURSDAY 11/9/14
5.30 TO 8.30



Supported by the North London NHS Charitable Fund Registration no 1053769










Louche Women Present…

19th July 2014
"Genius, subversively charming and abound with insider information."
Run Riot, November 2013
Louche Women is a new talk show exploring life’s sordid underbelly from voices of worldly experience.  
Performance artist, lover of birds and founder of Louche Women Caroline Smith co hosts with a special guest: the remarkable Sue Kreitzman (artist, Sunday Times Style cover model and star of Channel 4s Fabulous Fashionistas).
… CamouflAGE!!

Together they will romp, tease and chomp through an evening about retirement, the meaning of BEIGE and the proliferation of new TV shows about getting on a bit.
Joining them will be Essex gal, broadcaster and sleb PR consultant the delicious Wendy Bailey; live music from Elia and the Low Tears (“The wit of Wilde, the voice of Wonder”
Attitude magazine, who joined Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 2013).
Smith asks each co-host and guest to write a poem.  As this has encouraged guests to sit in silence, do interpretative dance, spoken word or stand up, hilarity or awkwardness often ensues!
Audience members are encouraged to bring A Thing for our competition, where they may get to sit on the hosts’ knees (or win a prize).
Audiences range from those who enjoy poetry and performance art to a more mainstream crowd engaged with alternative comedy; as well as to those whose experiences / voices are not reflected in today’s media's.

Louche Women Present … CamouflAGE!!
Colchester Arts Centre
Church Street
Box Office: 01602 500900
19th July 8pm
Tickets £10/ £8 (concs)
For more info:



Monmouth Museum
The Neo-Outsider
The New Outsider Artist

June 29 - September 7. 2014
Opening Reception: Sunday, June 29TH, 4-6 PM

“My intention is to wipe out categories and turn back to an undifferentiated continuum.”
Jean Dubuffet in a letter to Arne Glimcher

The new outsider artists are housewives, policemen, optometrists, truck dispatchers, art directors, dumpster divers, potters, autistic children, grandfathers, mental patients, school teachers, engineers, lawyers, librarians...

Artists who have found their “very unique world” which has no rules which does not rely on technique or skill.

Where people can be blue and the world can be flat. Where flowers can have eyes and purple dogs fly. Where there is no perspectives or rules to break.

New outsider art can be happy, sad, naive, angry, innocent, childlike, and wild. It has no boundaries or no borders. You are free to express yourself, your world, your mind, in any way you can imagine and dream.

Guest Curator
Dion Hitchings

The Monmouth Museum is located at
765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738
on the Brookdale Community College campus.

Review of Epiphanies Show from Raw Vision Magazine


EPIPHANIES! Press release


Wild Old Woman Sue Kreitzman and her partner in art, Peter Herbert present:


EPIPHANIES! Secrets of Outsider Art

Following on from outsider art exhibitions WOW, Flashier and Trashier and Dare to Wear curated by Sue Kreitzman at the NOVAS and ST PANCRAS CRYPT GALLERIES, The Arts Project is pleased to announce a major new outsider art exhibition in THE CONFERENCE CENTRE at ST PANCRAS HOSPITAL during OCT/NOV 2013.

 Sue Kreitzman quote:

"If you hang out with us, you may experience epiphanies, revelations and visions.


 Visit us and you might burst into art, aflame with colour, exaltation and obsessive creativity.

We are Outsider Artists, working far beyond the margins of the conventional art world.  Untutored, obsessive, producing art for our own pleasure and therapy, inventing techniques, scavenging for unexpected materials, we are united in our need to express beliefs, angst, political and spiritual views, through art.


View our passionate work and you may experience a strong urge to begin making art by any means possible. The streets are full of seductive rubbish. Inspiration is everywhere. Anyone can make art of anything!  


We are Outsider Artists

We will change your life."




EPIPHANIES! brings together a gathering of both local and international artists from the field of outsider art. There will be up to 20 artists, including some from USA and Australia as well as local artists from London, and participation from art groups linked to the CAMDEN AND ISLINGTON FOUNDATION TRUST including ISELDON ROAD CREATIVITY CENTRE. A number of artists are presenting work for the first time in London.


Sue Adden, Claudia Benassai, Kate Bradbury, Michael Bijan Connell, Fiona Cosgrove, Lesley Darlo Darlington, Yvonne Mabs Francis, Joe Gagliano, Sue Kreitzman, Rosemary Macleish, Judith Mcnicol, Sexton Ming, John Sheehy, Mary Vallely and John William.

OUTSIDER ART is a movement of untrained artists with a burning desire and passion for expression that features art of an obsessive nature. Often this involves collecting debris shaped to express the inner thoughts and feelings of the creator. Sometimes there is a mental health component but not always. The exhibition plans to explore a range of different sources of Outsider Art using case history text to explore the dynamics of each artist.

4. DATES: Preview night Wednesday 25/9/13 5.30 to 8.30 with guest speaker John Maizels editor of RAW VISION, entertainment with light refreshments. Exhibition continues Monday to Friday 26/9/13 to 28/11/13 from 9.00am to 5.00pm. A series of events linked to the exhibition will be announced.

5. VENUE: The Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital, 4 St Pancras Way NW1 OPE

6. TRAVEL : Bus 46/214 Tube: Mornington Crescent/Kings Cross

7. SUPPORTED by The North London NHS Charitable Fund No 1053769

8. CONTACT: Orla Bennet EPIPHANIES! Publicist

Peter Herbert, The Arts Project 020 7916 8416

Sue Kreitzman 020 89817099

A Special Exhibition from a World Travelling Art Project of 
Outsiders + Neo-Outsiders + Insiders

Image: Sejin Park, a UK-South Korea invited artist, mixed media

Exhibition details
Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE Routemasters, an ART Exhibition by Uncooked Culture and a showcase of a collaboration among Outsiders, Neo-Outsiders & Insiders. The exhibition features 38 artists; 12 Lead Artists/Curators/Venue Hosts, who are also participating artists, from 9 of our 'Stops', who hosted and will be hosting Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE in their hometown (UK, SPAIN, FRANCE, THAILAND, USA, HOLLAND, SLOVENIA, NEW ZEALAND & SURINAM), 25 Invited Artists and one Special.
Curator:  Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE Lead Artist, Chutima Kerdpitak (Nok)–Uncooked Culture
Guest Artist: Sue Kreitzman - one of the‘WOW!-Wild Old Women’

Venue: London West Bank Gallery (1st floor), 133 – 137 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill W11 2RS (
Opening Night: Thursday 5 September 20136.30 - 10pm
RSVP essential to

Exhibition Opening Times:
 5 - 10 September 2013. Exhibition is open from 11am to 7pm on Friday 6 to Tuesday 10



Sue Kreitzman

Summer Exhibition Edit

5 July 2013

Sue Kreitzman

Summer Exhibition Edit is a series in which a variety of speakers present edited highlights of this year’s Summer Exhibition .

Artist and cookery guru Sue Kreitzman leads a tour focusing on five works that have piqued her interest.

Meet in the Central Hall, Summer Exhibition
Free with an exhibition ticket (no booking required)

This event is supported by Friends of the RA , as part of the Adult learning programme.





Raw Vision Review of Dare To Wear




I don’t like ‘art speak’, and I hate pomposity about art, especially about this kind of art which operates outside of the mainstream. The artists are an iconoclastic, unconventional, free thinking group, and I want visitors to leave our exhibitions exhilarated, overexcited, laughing out loud, and desperate to begin gathering detritus themselves in order to make their own art. I would hope that each and every one of them realise that anyone can make art out of anything!

Coming to a crypt near you:

From the Wild Old Woman who brought you ‘WOW!!’



An all new, exuberant riot of profound junk:


Flamboyance will set you free!

Art is not just for museums, white cube galleries, or the carefully chosen walls of one’s home. It should never remain closeted in the perimeters of one’s life or in the back of one’s mind.

If you love art, and long for more colour, texture and pizzazz in your life,

If you want an innocent and potent drug that will change your life,

If you tire of the same old, same old and wish to break free, then…


Don’t leave art to languish on the walls.

Wrap yourself, festoon, engulf and adorn yourself. Glory in texture, colour and spectacle.

Erupt into the world:

brash, glittering bejewelled, and multicoloured.

Dare to be a graffito, a collage, an assemblage.

Burst into art, and you will change your world forever.

We are Wild Old Women, and a few Wild Old Men. And this year we have added some Wild Young Artists to the mix as well. Our materials are usually salvaged, frequently kitsch, often surprising, and we use them to tell profound and colourful stories.

This year, we are all about adornment: exaggerated depictions of jewellery and clothing. We look at both from the point of view of talismans, amulets, superstition, story telling, psychological and spiritual armour, disguise, exuberance, weird joy, and - of course - art.

Think tribal.

Think about foiling the evil eye.

Think over the top, in your face, unfettered flamboyance.

We present clothing and jewellery (outrageous, peculiar, lushly eccentric), along with other works of art that celebrate the topic: paintings, assemblages, dolls, sculptures, masks, installations chandeliers (!)….

The gallery will be filled with an exuberant riot of colour and texture, and will offer a profound comment on the nature of joyous/superstitious/artistic wardrobe obsession.

Because we are exhibiting in a crypt, we continue to mull over the most fascinating wardrobe conundrum of all:

What will we wear on the way to the Afterlife??

And never forget:

Don’t wear beige, it might kill you!


Sue Adden
Kate Bradbury

Amanda Caines
Debbie Cicalese

Chris Czainski

Tatty Devine

Ella Guru

Anothai Hansen
Sheona Josiah

Sue Kreitzman

Maria Fernanda Morais dos Santos Latif

Meihui Liu

Yvonne Mabs Francis
Lucy Martin

Georgia Mathews

Rosemary McLeish
Liz Parkinson

Quimetta Perle

Alicia Piller

Claire Pinney

Lauren Shanley

Julia Sisi
Karin van der Plas
Gini Wade
Felix Wightman
Phil Wildman
John William

Malcah Zeldis

Curator: Sue Kreitzman:

Assistant Curator: Peter Herbert






020 73881461


OPENS October 9, 2012

Private View: October 10, 6:30 – 9:00

CLOSES November 4, 2012

11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Closed Mondays

Special Evening Event for November 1, All Soul’s Day:

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), at Dare to Wear.

Meet the Artists… (And a few dead ones as well)

6:30 - 9:00





    Read about Sue's new project with Tatty Devine

on Tatty Devine's Blog

LONDON -- From 9 -12 February 2012, Mei Hui Liu is collaborating with Min Tzu Chao and will exhibit textile base art installations at The Outside World Gallery (44 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP), featuring her signature „naïve punk‟ approach to fashion which she has defiantly unravelled for over a decade at her label Victim Fashion Street. Each of the elaborate installations has been concocted using a veritable cauldron of sartorial ingredients. Vintage fabrics from many eras, carefully crafted scraps and shreds, antique lace, haphazard haberdashery, immaculate 3-D patchwork and specially commissioned illustrated prints have all been slashed, sewn, blended and mended around entire garments from her upcoming collection. Refuting the notion that the „muse‟ is either an outdated or unsophisticated concept in fashion and art, Mei Hui chose three strong inspirational females to be the subjects of these intensely private installations after they each appeared in a dream narrative she visualized for this season.






Istvan Nyari


Based upon Resistance Gallery Web Site  

At Res Gal we love diversity! The kind of diversity that comes from the underground, the sub-cultures, the left field, the weird, the unique, yesterday's dreamers, tomorrow's superstars, the ill represented and the downtrodden!

We are influenced by kooky imaginations, hard working geniuses, stylistic iconoclasts, urban decay, marginalized minorities, geeks,  cabaret siniestro, grand acts of passion, comic books, freakshow, circus, fetish, cinema, literature, street art,  superheroes and supervillains!

As part of our ongoing 'Resistance Rising' doctrine, we strive to illuminate, educate, thrill, entertain and subvert anyone who is curious enough to breach the fold!



Thursday the 3rd of November from 7:30pm



Mexico Siniestro !
The Sinister Art of the Mexico's Underground!

Thursday 3rd- 7:30 pm till 12am November 2011.

We are celebrating the influence that Mexican culture & art is having on the aesthetics and artistic practices all over the world.

Mexico's rich heritage of religious, cult & folklore iconography is the launch point for our incredible forthcoming exhibition.
From the traditional Catholic shrines to the Santa Muerte death worshipping cult.
The ancient Aztec influence through to mainstream Lucha Libre hysteria on a massive scale.

Drug warlords & gangland killings.
Poverty, corruption, politics. Love, death and afterlife.
Graffiti, shrines, skulls, spells and curses.

Mexico Siniestro ! Features a pool of superb artists of different disciplines from around the globe who have used the religious & cult aspects of Mexico's iconography for some of their inspiration.
And we hope to present an international insight into a wonderful nation's consciousness which has been producing exciting and unique art for 1000's of years.

Art Exhibition opens Thursday 3rd Nov: with special performances by Marnie Scarlet Syban Maria Almena& Korero Book Launch, MEXICAN GRAPHICS. We will count also with Korero's SKULLFACE & THE DAY OF THE DEAD : El dia de los muertos books.
Special appearances from LUCHA BRITANNIA wrestlers.


Skot Reynols aka Grave Industries
Chris Sutton aka Artmafia
Marnie Scarlet
Esther Perez Ramirez
Angela Edwards
Deborah Griffin
Susi Brox Nilsen
Ella Guru
Estelle Riviere aka Monsterlune
Frodo47 / Javier S. Sañudo
Ian Ward
Jason Atomic
Kate Lomax
Krzyztof Wlodarski
Tom Spencer
Miranda Barrie
Oly Kenna
Pelin Santilli
Zed Desideraja
Istvan Nyari
Adam Bloom
Jess De Wahls
Dario Vargas
Kate Hawakridge
Ben Hopper
Doralba Picerno
Emma Hockley
Rebecca Cooper
Tracy Watt
Raw 'Doyle' Meat
Paul Barrow
Jeremy Cross
Jesper Bram
Johnny Stingray
13 Lagrimas
Jojo's Bones
Buddy Nestor
Magda Zon
Anne 'Blondie' Bengard
Gaye Black
More Brains Vicar
Melissa Szeto
Bonnie Baker
Alex Cawkvellian
Alan Parker
Raul Pina Perez
Maria Almena
Leo Rios
                           Sue Kreitzman   Click for images
Robert Quinn
David Heulun
Izaskun Gonzalez






The Conference Centre St.Pancras Hospital


Preview Night: Thursday 7/4/11 5.00pm - 8.00 pm

Open Monday to Friday:  8/4/11 – 26/5/11 9am – 6pm

Travel: bus 46/214 Tube: Mornington Crescent / Kings Cross








Five artists, several of whom recently exhibited in the enormously popular FLASHIER AND TRASHIER exhibition in the crypt of St Pancras Church in Euston, explore life at the crossroads where the past embraces the future. The artists present sculpture, painting, assemblage and line drawing


SUE KREITZMAN has created new memory jugs not seen in public before that are inspired by the African tradition of objects of mundane minutiae, cemented on jugs as memorials to the (recently) departed. These are not necessarily reverential creations. Instead the artist uses the concept of found objects on memory jugs to vividly celebrate life and death through the use of vibrant colours and often shocking and ironic combinations of objects.


JULIA SISI and partner DAN CASADO revel in the universe of mystic signs and  symbols using lines of colour and pattern which trace the pathways of our collective spiritualised ancestors .Sisi creates mythical female creatures using strong colours, thick black outlines and intricate pen strokes while Casado works with a synergistic fusion of word and image.


LUCY MARTIN is a Spanish painter now living in London who tells the stories of her  travels though life in highly personal fantasies involving text, colour and  the joy of women exercising a wonderful sense of the possibilities of  life. A splash of Spanish sunlight scorches the soil in the sometimes grey maritime climate of England .


CHRIS CZAINSKI examines mortality where the soil of the earth meets the water of our oceans. Vestiges of found objects are bathed in an opaque ethereal pale glow almost entirely absent of colour. These are the remains of humanity in a terrain that is hostile but beautiful.




 is an exhibition in which art  works suggest how the rich and huge potential  of change can bring enhancement and fulfilment to our lives,  Staged in a health care environment in itself undergoing  major change,  this exhibition contemplates how life  can be enriched and enhanced through  a process of loss and regeneration.


Contact: Arts Project Manager, Peter Herbert

Email: Phone: 020 79168416. Generously supported by The North London NHS Charitable Fund and other related charities. Registration no: 1053769  



 Read the Raw Vision Review of The Flashier and Trashier Show




Flashier and Trashier: the Exhibition. St Pancras Church. An exuberant celebration of paintings and assemblage art made from salvaged and recycled materials inspired by Sue Kreitzman's and Phil Wildman's original exhibition, 'Flashy & Trashy', in 2008. Expanded to include nine artists, visitors are invited to marvel at the salvation and regeneration of lost and discarded objects, transformed into wild and... wonderful objects of art.

To View Video and Gallery Photos follow the links below































You are invited to view Sue Kreitzman's photo album:

Sue Kreitzman: Summer, 2010 exhibit in The Berkshire Bank;

Pinehurst and Cabrini, New York City   







You are invited to view sue kreitzman's photo album:  Please click   When Sue Met Ella, When Ella Met Sue: Private View and Unveiling
When Sue Met Ella, When Ella Met Sue: Private View and Unveiling
Jun 9, 2010
by suekreitzman
Chicchi's Cafe//Gallery; Photos by Looby Upson





When Ella met Sue


Ella Guru was born in Columbus Ohio, to East Coast parents who spent 35 years wanting to move back to civilisation. Ella herself got out of the cornfields as soon as she could, and has now lived in London for 20 years.

She attended Art College in the US, though took a few years off art to play in bands when she first arrived in the UK. She toured extensively with Riot Grrl stars the Voodoo Queens, but soon returned to painting and sidelined her music; though her band, the Deptford Beach Babes, and the pubs and clubs where they play, continue to influence Ella’s painting.

Ella has focused on the figure and portraiture for most of her career. Since the late 1990s she has been painting intensely as part of the Stuckist movement. Stuckism was founded in London in 1999 by Charles Thomson and Billy Childish, to advance new figurative painting with ideas as the most vital artistic means of addressing contemporary issues.

The "Style" of Stuckism varies from untrained or "outsider" artists those who have art degrees and paint in a more realistic manner. It is the spirit that they share, and a vibrant and sometimes controversial take on modern life, especially the seedier side.

Ella’s subjects come mainly from people she meets at London nightclubs or art shows. She enjoys the bright, and the colourful. Ella once was flown to Germany to paint a young baroness. In a panic she had to phone a London portrait painter to ask for advice on mixing a colour. She is so used to more theatrical and dramatic people that she did not know how paint the lips of someone who does not wear lipstick

Ella first met Sue at Sue’s exhibition "Wild Old Women" at the Novas Gallery. Ella was immediately taken by Sue’s slogan "Don’t wear beige". When Ella first saw Sue’s home she said it was one of the most amazing museums she had ever seen. The colours, the objects, the sheer volume of stuff that was so overwhelming yet also harmonious and well organised, blew Ella away. She just had to paint Sue, with all her memory jugs, paintings, bright clothes, props and jewellery.

At the time of beginning Sue’s portrait Ella moved studios. Ella teaches art to the homeless in exchange for studio space at St Mungo’s hostel in Hackney. Her previous space was being converted for another purpose. Ella had to give up a large, bright, outside building, for a smaller, albeit warmer, basement office with only a sky light.

All art reflects the artist as well as the sitter. The portrait of Sue is Sue; but there is something of Ella’s studio move in there. The cramped, cluttered basement room; the upheaval of change; the urgency of time, colour, pattern. The torment of dividing ones time between art and family. Creativity thriving in lack of time and space

Sue’s art is bright and beautiful, yet while painting the picture, Ella found a dark side. Wonder Woman looks pissed off. The mannequin heads are unique yet stoic; some of the old dolls’ heads are like ghosts of a less comfortable past. If they could talk what would they say?

In all the detail you find broken lipstick, severed trinkets, Eve wearing a necklace of apple cores, Josephine Baker with her skirt of bananas, snakes, paints, brushes, the Virgin Mary in fervent yet futile prayer above the kitchen sink, and, finally, the words screaming out in yellow plastic: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. I did not know that "CRISIS" was a comic book. I saw it as sign around the angry Wonder Woman’s neck, that infinite worlds are all in a state of calamity, colliding, unstoppable. We frantically create beautiful objects and adorn ourselves, and the more we do it the more we fear the time when it will cease to be; while painting I was reaching out towards my own cataclysm. Change is upon us. We better don Medusa wigs, pick up our brushes and … do we fight it, or embrace change with open arms? Ride the wave. And never lose the colour. Sue is an inspiration for women everywhere. Don’t disappear before your time; you have more to say than ever before. Stand up. Be proud.

Ella is currently working on a series of clowns and Mummers, from the Philadelphia New Year’s Day Mummers parade. Ella is still enjoying bright colours and costumes, questions of identity, and indeed her own crises on infinite earths.

Ella’s portrait commissions have included the Von Stockhausen sisters of Lewenhagen Germany, the Manchester Stuckist Chris Yates, curator Jerzy Jan 'Yorick' Kierkuc-Bielinski and artist Klaus Wehner, an Alpaca, a Rottweiller and an Indian Runner Duck.




And Sue met Ella



Sue Kreitzman was born in NYC almost 70 years ago, and - through a circuitous route, full of surprises - has finally ended up in London's East End, fervently making art out of found objects.

She began as a bookworm kid with musical inclinations, became, for awhile, a classical oboist (Sylvia Fine famously wrote of the oboe that it was "an ill wind, that nobody blows good"), taught school for years in NYC, followed by Cambridge Massachusetts and finally Atlanta Georgia.

 In Atlanta, in the late 60's, Sue entered what had been the traditionally deeply segregated Atlanta school system, just as integration was beginning; she was the first white teacher to set foot in one of the oldest black schools in Atlanta. She taught there for several years, during which time she was directly responsible for a program that resulted in free breakfast for every school child in Georgia. It's a long, profound, and sometimes hilarious story, but that is for another time.

Motherhood followed and, soon after, an unexpected and intense plunge into professional cooking and food writing, born of a deep and obsessive fascination with the art of cookery. You name it in the food biz, and Sue has done it: bistro cook, caterer, food editor, restaurant reviewer, and the creation of many, many cookbooks.In the 80's Sue and family moved to the UK when her husband was offered a science research position at Cambridge University. In England, Sue's food career blossomed into more (best selling) cookbooks, food demos and classes around the world, a few regular daytime cookery series - first on the BBC, then GMTV - and a brief fling of minor TV daytime cook celebrity.

During all of this activity, Sue harboured an extreme passion for colour and for Folk and Tribal Art of all kinds. And she collected (from childhood on) hoards of fascinating junk; her homes were always Technicolor, clashing and cluttered, and her clothes were eccentric, bright and lively, sometimes to the point of actual weirdness. She loved art, but constantly lamented the fact that she had no talent for it whatsoever; couldn't draw, couldn't paint, couldn't' sculpt, couldn't even doodle worth a damn. But about 12 years ago, a metaphorical bolt of lightening struck Sue, and she suddenly and mysteriously stopped cooking and started painting. In addition, she started crafting 'memory jugs' (three dimensional, object - studded portraits of imaginary and mythological creatures).  After 27 cookbooks, and a lively and long lived cookery career, wooden spoons were abandoned, and paint brushes appeared. No art lessons, no carefully considered arguments about one career choice versus another, she simply burst into art - much like bursting into flames. With no warning at all, she turned into another person entirely.

Sue saw Ella Guru's work long before the two women actually met, and was completely entranced by the colour, the vivid life, the texture of London' seedy yet cheerful nightlife. Transvestites, burlesque queens, cabaret performers, costumed revellers of all kinds, burst into raucous existence on Ella's canvases. And let's not forget the severed heads, the snakes, the scary clowns, the conjoined twins; all painted so exquisitely, all poised to leap off the canvas to engulf the stunned viewer.


When the two finally met face to face, they immediately clicked. Oh the excitement when Ella asked if she could paint Sue's portrait, surrounded by her memory jugs. Ella really understood Sue’s work; she glimpsed the darkness below the colour and the glitz. And Sue, in turn, has immortalised Ella and her daughter Lucy in a pair of memory jugs that capture the richness of Lucy's unique childhood, and Ella's even richer (and very unique) imagination. All the mythology, magic and glorious strangeness is there, spelled out in found objects and glitter.



Off Broadway Boutique

Sue Kreitzman's Valentine Wundow Blog    You are invited to view  the Off Broadway Boutique's February 2010 Window - click image above, or click on link left to view the story of the window on the Boutique's Blog.

Sue Kreitzman's Memory Jugs, featured in the February (Valentine's Day) window of the Off Broadway Boutique,

72nd Street, between Broadway and Columbus Ave, Manhattan, NYC


















Public Events   IN 2009



This exhibition, featuring one of Sue's early paintings (see the image on the poster), is on in Meyenburg (East Germany) between Hamburg and Berlin until 2.October, 2009.

You are invited to view suekreitzman's photo album: Goswell Road Exhibition, Islington, Sue Kreitzman's Work
Goswell Road Exhibition, Islington, Sue Kreitzman's Work
Sep 11, 2009
by suekreitzman
Sue Kreitzman's work on show, September, 2009

You are invited to view suekreitzman's photo album: Chicchi's Show: Five Wild Women and...A Wildman!!
Chicchi's Show: Five Wild Women and...A Wildman!!
Sep 11, 2009
by suekreitzman
Chicchi's, 516 Roman Road, Bow, London, E35ES Sept 8 - Oct 10 2009

Sue Kreitzman and five friends on show at Chicchi's gallery/cafe, 516 Roman Road, Bow, London, E35ES Sept 8 - Oct 10, 2009



Sue on view in "Street Magazine"  A Japanese journal of cutting edge street fashion

Public Events   IN 2008 

You are invited to view the web album: Flashy/Trashy

Click on picture below


Flashy Trashy: Sue Kreitzman and Phil Wildman at Novas gallery

Read the Review of Flashy & Trashy in Raw Vision Magazine


In November 2008, Wild Old Women invaded SE1.

You are invited to view suekreitzman's photo album: 'WOW!!' Wild Old Women!! November - December, 2008, London

'WOW!!' Wild Old Women!! November - December, 2008, London

RAW VISION REVIEW OF "WOW!!"                  

 There is a myth that women slowly begin to disappear as they age. After fifty, they begin to fade away, in their sixties, they become fairly ineffectual, and by the time they reach their seventies, they have achieved total invisibility. What an absurd, vicious and laughable rumour; what UTTER NONSENSE!


We are loud, we are raucous and we are thrillingly, vividly visible. This winter, we will fill Novas Gallery with our art - SE1 will never be the same.

  Come view our weird assemblages, powerful paintings, profound  collage and spectacular sculptures. Marvel at our stitched creatures; glittering goddesses built of detritus; a tiny yurt; and a giant Medusa. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll revel in our amazing visions, colourful whimsies and deep perceptions.

 We have big ideas, we have been around for awhile, and we are outsider artists, so we do things exactly as we please. Ignore us at  your peril!







Past Public Events

Raw Arts Festival London 2004



Sue KreitzmanMy work is completely untutored, intensely personal and involves colour, food, freedom and the female landscape: imagined Goddesses, glimpsed strangers, close friends, personal female heroines, self portraits, all surrounded by symbols from my inner life. Images created with passion can take on immense power. Some of my work has, I strongly believe, the same sort of power, presence, and ability to alter one's mental state (to the good) that is sometimes found in religious folk art and tribal art. Many of the works are embellished with buttons, broken jewellery, toys, and other bits of profound junk. Half my time is spent obsessively trawling for junk, and the other half, obsessively putting it all together.


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The Raw Arts Festival is now over, and has entered into history, indeed it is taking on the status of legend. Many friendships were made, many contacts forged, and the art was electrifying, stunning and unforgettable.  I personally cooked a gorgeous (if I say so myself) lunch for all 70 artists on hanging day, and we all inspired and delighted each other and the viewers who wandered in to take a peek at all the excitement. 


Art 4 People

19-21 August 2005

Powder Mill Barn

32 South Maple Street

Enfield, Connecticut

This summer art fair promises to be a colourful and exuberant  happening.  


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festival of modern art & ideas
Designed to reconnect contemporary creators with the community,  
"The Art 4 People Festival" will feature the original work of over
twenty international artists. Many of the exhibiting artists will be at
the show to personally meet visitors (for more information on who
will be there, click on the Featured Artists link below).

August 19-21,  2005
Opening Night, Fri. 5-9
Sat. & Sun. 10-6
Open Mic Sat. Night  6-10

Powder Mill Barn,
32 South Maple Street
Enfield CT - USA




sue kreitzman

I am an expatriate New Yorker, living in London for many years. I've had a long and relatively
successful career as a food writer, but several years ago something happened (I'm still not sure
what) and I stopped writing and cooking, and began drawing and painting instead. It was
almost as if a violent fever had overtaken me (a fever which still rages), made all the more
mysterious by the fact that I had never done such a thing before. My work is completely untutored
(as far as technique and materials are concerned, I make it up as I go along), intensely
personal and involves colour, food, freedom and the female landscape. I paint imagined
Goddesses, glimpsed strangers, close friends, my personal female heroines, both real and
mythological - (Josephine Baker, Frida Kahlo, Eve, Medusa...) - and self portraits, and I surround
these powerful female images with symbols from my inner life.  I am deeply moved by primitive
religious art and tribal art of all kinds. Images and objects that have been created with passion  
take on immense power. .  Some of my work has, I strongly believe, the same sort of power,  
presence, and ability to alter one's mental state that is sometimes found in such art.   

I paint on paper or on wood, with nail
varnish. Many of the works on wood are
embellished with buttons, broken jewelry,
toys, and other bits of profound junk (I have
a deep and abiding passion for profound
junk). Half my time is spent obsessively
trawling for junk, and the other half,
obsessively putting it all together.I have had
several  one woman shows, and been part
of many  group shows including the
legendary Raw Art Fair 2005 in London. My
work appears in collections in the UK, the
USA, Paris, Germany and Italy. At this time I'm
painting, and creating assemblages, for
the sheer visceral joy of it.  The enormous
impact it has had on my life has turned me
into another person entirely.    




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DIVA, Sue Kreitzman

29 September - 25 October 2005

GALLERY twenty-four / Berlin,

Krossener Strasse 34, 10245 Berlin Tel/Fax (030) 516 583 53

Open Weekly: Wednesday - Saturday 14.00 - 19.00




17 November - 21 November 2005

The Bridge

Weston Street




Josephine Baker, Sue Kreitzman




Raw art in Italy

Villa Caruso - Bellosguardo (10 km from Florence)

March 5-26 2006






Raw Arts Festival 2006, Valencia, Spain

October 1-28 2006

Color Elefante Gallery

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Painted ladies, Cheshire Street, Sue Kreitzman, Karin van der Plas


You are invited to view the web album: Painted Ladies

Click on picture above


Painted Ladies

Sue Kreitzman

Goddesses, heroines and the female landscape


Karin van der Plas

Quirky and personal visions of mythology and history




17th – 30th July 2006

Sue Kreitzman uses nail varnish to paint glittering, iridescent female creatures bedecked with jewels, fripperies and found objects. Karin van der Plas reinvents history and mythology with oil on canvas portraying sweeping sagas, from Norse to Napoleon, with wit and vivid imagery. 


The two met whilst exhibiting at an art fair, and have become close friends, constantly trying to outdo each other in colourful storytelling, amidst much exuberant laughter and tomfoolery. 'Raw' (untutored, outside the establishment) artists, their work has few constraints; they tend to think outside the box, and make up their own techniques as they obsessively experiment with unexpected media. Sue and Karin - raw , untutored, obsessive - are united in their need to express their weird and wonderful private mythologies wherever and whenever they can.  In July, they share their inner visions with the outside world.



24 Cheshire St

Bethnal Green

London E2 6EH

T 0207 729 5411