Cross Cultural Note


I was born and brought up in New York City (Manhattan)  with subsequent stints  in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Atlanta, Georgia but I am now permanently settled in England (20 years and counting) where I divide my time between London's East End, and Cambridgeshire.  My English friends say they love my New York accent, my American friends are convinced that now I sound exactly like a Cockney,  so - at this point - I really don't  know what I am!  I do love the East End, and I've learned quite a bit of rhyming slang, but when I say " I've just climbed up the apples and pears on my plates of meat", my American buds think I'm nuts, and my English mates smile at me with amused indulgence.  Ah well... because my books are published on both sides of the Atlantic, and "recipe-speak" is quite different on each side, you may need a little help with some of the terminology and measurements, therefore a US/UK conversion chart follows.



1 cup measure - 8 fluid ounces

20 fl oz - 1 Imperial pint

Idaho Russet Potato - King Edward potato, or any other large, floury baking potato

Baked Potato - Jacket Potato

Snowpea Pods - Mange Tout

Rutabaga - Swede

Zucchini - Courgette

Eggplant - Aubergine

Green beans - French beans

Beet - Beetroot

Bell Pepper - Pepper (capsicum)

Scallion or Green Onion - Spring Onion

Confectioner's sugar - Icing sugar

Granulated sugar - Caster sugar

Self Rising Flour - Self Raising Flour

Cornstarch - Cornflour

Semi sweet chocolate - Dark chocolate

Cookies - Biscuits

Biscuits - Scones

Corned beef - Salt Beef

"Ground" Meat - "Minced" Meat or Mince

Flank Steak - Gooseskirt Steak

Canadian Bacon - Back Bacon

Bacon - Streaky Bacon

Flounder or Sole - Plaice

Shrimps - Prawns

Broiler and Broil - Grill

Stove - Cooker

Parchment Paper - Greaseproof paper

Very Low Fat Cream Cheese - Low Fat Soft cheese


275 F - 140 C  - Gas Mark 1

300 F  -150 C  - Gas Mark 2

325 F  - 170 C -  Gas Mark 3

350 F -  180 C  - Gas Mark 4

375 F  - 190 C -  Gas Mark 5

400 F  - 200 C  - Gas Mark 6

425 F  - 220 C  - Gas Mark 7

450 F  - 230 C -  Gas Mark 8

475 F  - 240 C  - Gas Mark 9