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If you do want very sound advice on educating yourself on lower calorie cooking I would recommend anything by Sue Kreitzman.


The Guardian

Among straight-forward diet books my faves by far are those by Sue Kreitzman. The best slimmers' cookbooks, like Sue Kreitzman's, remember that food should be fun. Essentially this is just low-fat, low-sugar cooking (true diet books can be nothing else), but of an enthusiastic, un-neurotic sort. Introductory matter is mercifully brief and useful ideas (eg frying in stock rather than fat) can be applied widely. This book really does - mirabile dictu - make you want to cook.

On The Shelf

In Sue Kreitzman's book health meets taste. Low in fat but high in flavour and energy, her recipes have been devised for people who love good food but wish to stay slim and have a healthy heart. She never compromises on taste and uses innovative methods and techniques that glorify food and her recipes burst with flavour and excitement. If you don't tell, no-one will guess that they are eating what may be the healthiest, lowest in fat food they have ever eaten.

The Mail

Sue Kreitzman proves that you can eat delicious food and still eat healthily, with a book packed with great recipes.

Daily Mail

Her new cookbook is destined to be a star success because of the simple gourmet recipes in it, ones we are sure will become new classics.

Healthy Eating - London

Low in fat but high in flavour. Sue's recipes have been devised for food lovers who want to stay slim and healthy. She never substitutes one fat for another, or compromises on taste. And there's no reason to keep these dishes to yourself - guests will never know they are eating the most healthy low fat food ever.

The Saturday Times - Weekend 

Although the best way to cook low-fat food is to play about with likely ingredients yourself, it is definitely easier if someone else works out a few fail-safe techniques first. For this turn to Sue Kreitzman. Her books are well worth the shelf space.

Vogue Living 

This is a recipe from Sue Kreitzman's Low Fat Vegetarian Cookbook which is so utterly virtuous, I rather regard it as eating that doesn't count, food that takes one back to nought, as it were. I don't cook it for other people: it's what I keep for myself to balance out a week of intense going out or overeating at home. It is the low-fat culinary equivalent of a key text.

Cambridge Evening News

Sue's speciality is producing low-fat versions of favourite dishes, from cheesecakes and icecreams to brulees, chocolate souffles and roulades, her motto being indulgence without guilt.

East Anglian Daily Times

This is the latest addition to the phenomenally successful series of low-fat cookery books by Sue Kreitzman.

What makes her books different from many diet guides is her undoubted love of food, her insistence that going without fat must not mean going without flavour or character.

Health and Fitness Magazine

If you think less fat equals less flavour and means waving goodbye to yummy treats such as cheesecake, Sue Kreitzman proves you couldn't be further from the truth. This book is full of clever recipes, techniques and useful tips that show you how to add flavour without the fat.......Kreitzman has been called the "queen of low-fat cookery" and deservedly so. Her belief that "diet - that is food we eat day-in, day-out - should be about health, optimum nutrition, and above all, sensual enjoyment" says it all.

Ipswich Evening Star

Thank goodness for Sue Kreitzman, queen of low-fat cuisine, who's just written her 16th book on how to cut the fat without losing the flavour. Her most recent addition, Low Fat Vegetarian Cookbook is bound to have general appeal to veggies, fitness enthusiasts, dieters and those whose medical conditions demand fat reduction.

Wigan Evening Post

What a tremendous choice of recipes. Even for non vegetarians this book is bulging with new ideas to create healthy, low-fat meals......

The Vegetarian Times

Flicking through the recipes in this book one would not immediately assume that this was a low-fat recipe book. With a wonderful selection of delicious recipes, this is the ideal book if you want to cut down on your fat intake without sacrificing flavour, taste or quantity. This should not be looked upon as a "diet" book but an inspiring recipe book which has healthy and exciting delights to suit all tastes and appetites.


If you're searching for a delicious selection of low-fat recipes, look no further. Sue Kreitzman's Complete Low-Fat Cookbook is packed with recipes that everyone likes to eat.


Low in fat but bursting with flavour, these recipes will satisfy the heartiest of appetites.

Country Living

Good food with maximum flavour and minimum fat is Sue Kreitzman's credo; she reduces but does not eliminate fat. So what's nice about this book is that all the fattening foods we adore are included but slimmed down....

She doesn't need to lecture about the obvious benefits of a low fat diet; her love of food is so contagious that with her, low fat cooking is a delicious challenge, not a chore.


Northampton Chronicle and Echo

If you are trying to shed excess pounds, Sue Kreitzman's Complete Low Fat Cookbook comes out tomorrow and is bulging with tasty meals that won't inflate your bank balance or your waistline.

Jewish Chronicle

This initially sceptical reviewer has already incorporated some of Kreitzman's recipes into her repertoire - not just because they're healthy, they taste so good, too.

West Lancashire Evening Gazette

In Sue Kreitzman's Complete Low-Fat Cookbook health meets taste. Low in fat but high in flavour and energy, her recipes have been devised for people who love good food but wish to stay fit and have a healthy heart.

Andrew Davies- Book of the Year - Independent

Sue Kreitzman's Complete Low Fat Cookbook: original but sound ideas, strong bright flavours, and it seems to do the business. I've lost over a stone.

Gillingham, Chatham and Rochester

Talking of books this is Bloater's favourite at the moment, The Low Fat Cookbook by Sue Kreitzman. He just spends hours drooling over the great pictures and recipes. "I just can't believe how this book has reformed my palate", chirped the Lardy Lad. "I now no longer crave food drowned in fat and oil."

Daily Breeze (Syndicated)

It's amazing that in a book that sports perhaps the most mouth watering food photography of all time, you'll probably be glued to a photo of a half empty spray bottle that houses a nondescript pale liquid. That's because the liquid is oil-water spray, just one of Sue Kreitzman's outstanding suggestions for significantly cutting down fat in the diet while still keeping food exceptionally flavourful. Eating fatty food may become a thing of the past if you follow Kreitzman's brilliant advice and wonderful recipes. You don't want to miss Kreitzman's innovative recipes.

Times Record, Brunswick

This book is jam packed with useful information, helpful tips and seasonal recipes. It's an excellent resource for those committed to adopting more healthful eating habits, but the recipes are inviting for anyone.

Cambridgeshire Journal

When glancing through Sue's latest two books, The Low Fat Cookbook and Low Fat Desserts (not, apparently a contradiction in terms), it becomes obvious that her recipes are not less interesting and often a lot more creative than those in "standard" cookbooks. Rather than making people frightened of putting anything in their mouths, they reveal the enormous possibilities inherent in the food that we eat.

Irish News

Thankfully, it's not all rabbit food and rice, but provides a rich and varied selection of dishes from all round the world.

Yorkshire Post

Already dubbed "the queen of low-fat cookery" this is the latest in a long line of Sue Kreitzman's books related to healthy living, and one that I fell on with glee. A handy book to have and it will be well used.


Sue Kreitzman's Low Fat Desserts is yet another successful book written by the doyenne of low-fat cookery. The recipes are varied and suit all tastes. What's more, all the recipes are calorie counted to help with your diet.

Healthy Eating

This is the time of year when even if you haven't made a new year's resolution, you know you should be doing something about your sluggish body. If the idea of going on a diet turns you cold, go out and buy this book. Follow its recipes and you can pig out on roasts, chips, chocolate cake, even sausage rolls, safe in the knowledge that it's all low-fat.  Sue Kreitzman has made something of a career out of low-fattism. She's already written five low-fat cookbooks, and when she's not travelling the country lecturing on the subject, can be found under the spotlight in TV studios. This, however, is more than a cookbook; it's a plan for changing your whole regime. Some great ideas, even if you're not watching your fat intake.


Belfast Telegraph

Author Sue Kreitzman has been dubbed "the queen of low-fat cookery" by The Times and this book follows hot on the heels of the bestselling Complete Low-Fat Cookbook. The book contains, not only loads of recipes for "sinful" foods, such as desserts, mash, stews, gravy, chips and sauces, but important advice on how to cook food the low-fat way, essentials for your store-cupboard and excuses to make when eating out and dining at a friend's house. So, if you care about your health, but still want to eat good, tasty food this book could be worth its weight in gold.

East Anglian Daily Times

Her low-fat cookery books have been best-sellers since the mid 70s. The latest - the 22nd - is Sue Kreitzman's Low Fat Lifeplan "your essential guide to a low-fat lifestyle." The main message of the book, for those who fear that low-fat lifestyle means and end to gastronomic enjoyment is: "please stop worrying". "Cutting back on grease releases flavour in a remarkable way," says Sue. "It is a culinary life that is worth pursuing." Certainly her emphasis on the enjoyment of food makes a refreshing change from the many diet books which concentrate on what you can't have, rather than what you can.

Oxford Mail

Sue Kreitzman's Low Fat Desserts, the ultimate dessert book for those who adore puddings but worry about their weight.

Health Matters

In this book the UK's leading expert on low fat cooking, Sue Kreitzman teaches us about a low fat lifestyle. Based on the premise that low fat should not mean low enjoyment she has developed a plan that promises not to exclude taste, colour, texture or flavour and that is easy to make and suitable for everyone.

Liverpool Echo

Low-fat cookery guru, Sue Kreitzman, who shed an amazing amount of weight and has never put it back on, attributes her successful business - and enviable energy levels and good health - to her switch to low fat eating. Her new book is not just aimed at dieters but includes the whole family.

Jersey Evening Post

There is a good mix for those more adventurous cooks who want to add some va-va-voom to their cooking and for those needing quick and easy meal ideas. Each recipe has calorie and fat content per serving.

Top Santé

Sue Kreitzman's Low Fat Lifeplan; your Essential Guide to a Low Fat Lifestyle is a practical guide to fitting satisfying and delicious meals into a busy schedule.

The Independent on Sunday - Real Life

Latest from the queen of lite; this is Kreitzman's 22nd volume. It makes you want to head for the kitchen.


As anyone who has followed Slimming's diets and recipes knows, healthy eating needn't be dull. Sue Kreitzman, award winning author of The Low Fat Cookbook and "the queen of low-fat cookery" according to The Times, couldn't agree more. Her book puts the emphasis on fresh food and includes nutritional information and recipes from around the world. Sue tells us that after a few weeks of fresh, light food, your taste buds will be transformed and your old diet will seem greasy in comparison.

Highbury and Islington Express

The title of this book sounds like a dream for anyone living life at 100mph and getting worried about an ever expanding waistline. And it begins well too, with prolific cookery book writer Sue Kreitzman (this is her 18th) describing food as "one of life's pleasurable, on-going, sensual adventures". Hear, hear.

Lancashire Evening Post

What a tremendous choice of recipes! Even for non-vegetarians this book is bulging with new ideas to create healthy, low-fat meals, such as brown rice fritters, mushroom ragout and vegetable curry.

Sunday Times - Amanda Ursell

For once, here's a cook who pays more than just lip service to slashing the fat. Kreitzman is a chef who wants it all. Vivid colour, tantalising textures, bombastic flavours, big portions and a slim figure. After years of battling with her own obesity, Kreitzman has achieved just that, and produced a book to prove it. There are plenty of cunning kitchen equipment tips, and the book is full of photographs you want to cut out and eat.

Dillons Starred Choice

Everyone knows that low fat dishes are good for you but are so boring that they are better for somebody else unless medical advice forces such a healthy change. Low fat foodie Sue Kreitzman turns the tide by managing to put the flavour and temptation back into low cholesterol food. Her 130 truly mouth-watering and well illustrated recipes feature naturally low-fat dishes and substitute aromatic marinades for butter and oils plus whipped ricotta for cream. She manages to produce chocolate desserts and ice creams as well as the more expected poultry and fish dishes. As ever, DK's excellent pictorial display comes to the fore, making light work of fat and calorific counts in visual as well as actual terms.

Coventry Evening Telegraph

Just occasionally one comes across a book that seems to contain a whole new approach to the preparation of food. Sue Kreitzman's recently published book Slim Cuisine caught my eye not because of its "cottage cheese forever" philosophy - nothing could be more depressing - but for the exact opposite. Sue is determined that none of her recipes should be seen as substitutes for anything, but as a totally different approach to cooking.

Ham & High

A low-fat cookbook with a whole chapter on chocolate puddings is my kind of low-fat cookbook. Sensibly, author Sue Kreitzman tackles the issue head on. "Life without chocolate, " she says, "is simply too bleak to contemplate."

Irish Times

Low fat, high fun, it's imaginative, lush, colourful and vivid.

Oregon Live

This is the looker of the roundup. Pluses: Rich, gorgeous food, up close and personal, including treats like Wickedly Decadent Deep Chocolate Truffles, from a whole chapter devoted to chocolate (Chocoholics, call your friends.) However, this isn't a lightweight. Drop-in minicharts give low-fat vs. full-fat comparisons of the dishes. Lots of step-by step photos show cooking techniques, equipment, ingredients and suggested menues. It's also a best choice for those who want pictures.            Minuses: I'm thinking, I'm thinking....

The Cabin

Sue Kreitzman proposes intelligent principles and sensible recipes so that when you indulge, in moderation, your diet won't suffer. "How I love food!" is not your usual diet-book introduction. Ms Kreitzman sets the tone with her exclamation, plus her engaging admission that her expertise in low-fat cooking is "the result of an almost lifetime battle with obesity" coupled with her passion with food.

Kitchen Link

Filled with 130 easy-to-make gourmet dishes from appetizers to desserts (there's even a chapter on chocolate), this book teaches you how to transform your cooking habits from high fat to low - without giving up taste. For instance, adding peas to avocados dramatically cuts the fat of guacamole and a vegetable infusion brings out the flavour in Chicken with Mediterranean Vegetables without using oil. But Low Fat For Life doesn't just show you how to cook: It teaches you how to change your shopping habits and how to properly equip your kitchen in order to live a low-fat lifestyle.

Amazon.com - Midwest Review

Low-fat and non-fat vegetarian dishes are the focus of a cookbook which joins others in the quest for healthy dishes. Each recipe here is introduced with the author's insights on the origins of the dish or its flavourful contents: the result's most readable and enticing.

Amazon.com - West Glacier, MT

A feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

When you look at the pictures in this book, you will instantly recognize that you are not giving up any stars by eating low fat. These dishes are delectable! She also gives some great advice on how to incorporate great tasting low-fat food into your life through new techniques and new equipment. You'll love such dishes as grilled vegetable lasagna or garlic and lemon roasted potatoes.

 Bon Apetite. Amazon.com - London, UK

Tempts the tastebuds while keeping the waistline in check. Excellent recipes for the starter low-fat cook. Plenty of taste and colour to tempt anyone into the healthier lifestyle. Initially begrudging not being able to achieve the flavours I was familiar with in my old-style cooking. I am now an enthusiastic experimenter with these recipes.

Amazon.com - New Haven, CT

The best low-fat cookbook ever!

Sue Kreitzman, London-based author of numerous fine cookbooks has really outdone herself with Low Fat for Life. Over the past few years, Kreitzman has been a leader in developing the idea of a low fat diet as the ideal means for maintaining optimal health. A key component of her approach is making low fat foods really delicious, attractive to the eye, and easily prepared by the novice cook. She has accomplished all this here. The book is beautifully written and illustrated, and the recipes are incredibly delicious, healthful, and easy to prepare. Bravo to Sue Kreitzman for a really first-rate cookbook.

Gail's Recipe Swop

If you're looking for a winner to add to your cookbook collection, then get this one (Comfort Food). I have never been disappointed with a single recipe that I prepared from this little gem.

P.S. Mrs Grosso's Ricotta Cheesecake is one of the very few recipes that I have ever prepared where people have actually BEGGED me to tell them how it was made. (And I always do....)

Excerpts from Letters  

LS from County Durham

"I watched you on GMTV yesterday morning and felt the urge to write and say a big thank you to you for making a big difference to the lives of my husband, G and myself....  I discovered your book The Low Fat Cookbook and learnt all your cooking techniques and using things like the oil-water spray and our lives were transformed...."

JB from Surrey

"I just wanted to write and say thank you for giving us such wonderful recipes and such an imaginative way of cooking."JM from Ohio, USA"Incidentally, an extra special thank you. I am a compulsive eater. This is the first time in a long time I have felt like I'm winning the war."

DR from Surrey

"I have just come across your "Slim Cuisine" and I am writing to thank you for it. It is one of the, if not the, best "low-fat" cookery books I have met."

MB from Surrey

"I am following your book "The Complete Slim Cuisine" slavishly and enjoying every minute of the reading, cooking and eating."

AM from Manchester

"I've recently discovered your cookery books and I'm already a "devotee"!"

AS from Lincolnshire

"First I want to say a "thank you" for the Slim Cuisine Diet....

I have been a yo-yo dieter for 20 years and although I have had weight loss with various slimming clubs in the past, never before have I enjoyed a diet or "got my teeth into" a plan like Slim Cuisine."

BC from Scotland

"I'd never have believed diet food could taste so glorious. I resolved to switch my eating habits to Slim Cuisine ones, and haven't looked back since..... I have lost a stone in weight and I haven't felt I've been dieting. It's wonderful!  I have to say, not only have I rediscovered the pleasure in eating, I've also rediscovered the joy of cooking.....  Now I have the best of both worlds - wonderful food, an inspiring hobby - and a rapidly reducing waistline, I know now that I need never be fat again! Sincerely thank you."

EJ from Cumbria

"I look forward to your new book out in January and can't thank you enough for the tremendous effect you have had on my life."

CS from London

"There have been certain books which have proved to be landmarks in my life. These are books which have inspired me in a way which has changed my life forever. Two stand out as the most influential: one of these was the book that freed me from that most pernicious of addictions, smoking (that was Alan Carr's "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking"). The other is your book, which made me beat that other addiction...FAT!".....  "Thank you so very much for all your ideas and for your enthusiasm which gave me the confidence to try them. I am a total convert!"


Antonia Allegra - Tribune San Diego

Sue Kreitzman's Comfort Food is a nifty book to turn to when you're feeling down or frustrated.


Sue Perkins - Sun-Bulletin

Comfort food is an amusing book that provides the wherewithal to help you forget your troubles. Some of the comforts are low-cal too.


When the soul needs nourishing as well as the body, there is comfort to be found in a collection of 102 recipes called "Comfort Food". The author recognises that mood food is more than nutrition; there is a certain solace in the familiar foods. The recipes are comfort rated. A stamp of one bear is comforting for minor aggravations, two bears are good for blue funks, collywobbles and mubblefubbles.  Deep woes can be comforted with the mark of three bears. There may be some old favourites, such as the old-fashioned pot roast that "reminds everyone of happy childhood days on the farm, even if they grew up in the middle of the city".

The Star, Illinois

Kreitzman's recipes strike a responsive cord on anyone's comfort index.

New York Post

The cookbook (Comfort Food) provides some illuminating literary food excerpts.

Sunday Best - Nancy Newman - Chicago Sun-Times

She is a superb food writer, one who has charm and wit as well as a love for old-fashioned foods.

Sunday Best - The Cook's Magazine

The result of years of Sue Kreitzman's time and dedication, this book is literally packed with a lifetime of recipes.

Garlic - The Atlanta Constitution

Her writing is as tantalizing as her recipes, to which she always adds some special touch.

Garlic - The Atlanta Journal

On a recent Monday night my husband got into the car and said, "I smell garlic." Indeed he did. The night before I had attended what must have been a first for Atlanta, a five-course garlic dinner at Patrick's Cafe on Moreland Avenue. Garlic was present in every course and in the wine poured with the entree. The recipes for preparing the food can be found in "Garlic" by Sue Kreitzman. The book's complete title is "Garlic:101 Savoury and Seductive Recipes, along with Fascinating Facts and Folklore, " and the book more than lives up to its intriguing title.

Deli - Chocolatier Magazine

One of the year's funniest, most enjoyable books.