The World of Sue Kreitzman

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Ladybeard Magazine: The Beauty Issue

"If I'm wearing beige I fear I might die. My motto is: "Don't wear beige - it might kill you!" and it really might. I'm about to be 77 in a couple of weeks: I don't feel that age and most of the time I don't look that age, but put me in beige clothes, in a beige room and I turn into an ancient crone. I feel physically sick. Instead I always turn to the bright, childish, primary colours.

I adore red in particular - it's the colour of life, of passion, of happiness. Red makes me feel alive, clever, young and beautiful. And it contrasts beautifully with so many other fabulous colours. Red and turquoise, red and yellow, red and purple, red and still my heart! When I wrap myself in red or I wrap myself in art, I am invincible and it's a feeling that I want to carry with me everywhere and share with grey, scared world. I've had criticism online sometimes, with people dismissing me, saying "She just wants everybody to look at her doesn't she?" Yes, I do! I want them to see art and see beyond beige. That's what life is all about."

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