The World of Sue Kreitzman

A Lockdown Interview with Sue Kreitzman for Loudest Whispers

Loudest Whispers is an Arts Project exhibition set in an NHS Camden Health Care location supporting the nationwide Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) History month and Camden LGBT Forum.

This year 2021 Loudest Whispers is the 13th exhibition in partnership with forum+. Thirty eight artists both trained and self taught as well as new or established artists explore themes of Body, Spirit and Mind. Sue Kreitzman talks about her artistic expression and describes the Neckshrines she makes and exhibited in this year's exhibition.

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Sue Kreitzman is interviewed on Episode 6 of the Sketchy Bitches Podcast

Click the image above to head to Sue's YouTube channel, where she talks about the moodboosting powers of colour, creativity and community - and the joy of wearing your ART on your sleeve! Celebrating International Women's Day 2021.

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Sue features in 'The Collectors'

Issue 4: 'Human'
Photography and words by Morgan Hill-Murphy

Sue Kreitzman: Found Objects, Artist, Collector London, UK

Those whom we term 'Collectors' in the broadest sense could be placed into one of two categories; public and private. The first can be encountered at Swap-Meets, fairs in village halls and carparks, peering over newspapers behind tables of carefully preserved and curated model railways, matchbox cars and figurines. The second category, however, is harder to infiltrate; whether the collections are too valuable or the relationship too personal there is no casual way of introducing oneself to this introverted half of the industry. There exist broken email chains and unanswered private messages begging the question 'what if...', promising hidden and phenomenal collections that we may never see because we failed to gain the trust of their guardians.

The compulsion to collect, to store, to hoard feels like a very human one and yet isn't limited to our species. I'm no biologist but don't we see similar behaviour in the animal kingdom; squirrels, ants, birds even dogs? As if to collect and unify is to fight against the fundamental entropy of our universe, to retain the meaning in objects and, what's more, understand that life itself is fragile and assert that - based on this foundation of meaning that you, the collector, exist.

Sue wears Kimono Diane Goldie, Jewellery and Shoes customised by Sue
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Sue wears a pair of Retropeepers Francois oval sunglasses in vibrant red with black and white stripe 'eyebrows'.

The Advanced Style Movement & Sue Kreitzman

Nov 18, 2020

Sue was interviewed by cool retro glasses brand Retropeepers. Click the image above to read the full interview (opens in a new window).

"Be brave. Avoid beige, it might kill you. Splash out on colour and pattern. It's good for your mental health, and the mental health of those around you. Don't worry about rules. Make your own rules. Spread joy, even in dark times. The universe will thank you."

The Magical World of Sue Kreitzman

Sue is interviewed by Micah Moore of The Mermaid Studio. Click the image below to read the full article. (Opens in a new window).

'When you meet the incredible artist Sue Kreitzman, you immediately recognise that you are encountering a force of nature. Describing herself as "Typhoid Mary," Sue recognises that everything that she embodies is contagious, hence contact with her will result in your catching the "art virus," which will change your life forever.' Read the rest of Micah's article by clicking the image above (Opens in a new window).

The Fabulous Adventures of the Flamboyant Twins

With Florent Boidois

On the 21st of November 2017, Sue Kreitzman and her friend Florent Bidois organised a crazy and huge photoshoot with their friend and photographer Michele Martinoli. It was meant as a celebration of Sue's Artist Mythologies and Passions, imagined into scenarios to be frozen in time. A long and busy day of shooting in Sue's incredible London Art Flat, involving many outfit changes and lots of props. Weird and funny, the pictures are great memories and a beautiful depiction of the friendship the three of us share.

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The story goes: "An American woman and a Frenchman are in a kitchen..." Look at us, trying to fry a frog! "Don't forget the sausages!" Sue said.

Above: Read Sue's interview by EasyJet Magazine.

The Arts Project: Featured Artist of the Month: Sue Kreitzman

By Peter Herbert, Curator Manager of The Arts Project

We not only welcome our artist of the month but also offer a heartfelt 80 gun birthday salute to Sue Kreitzman as she enters another brave and bold new decade with a life containing ever more twists and turns.

We first met through a chance encounter involving a mutual friend after an artist became unavailable and Sue offered to exhibit. We instantly bonded and began a series of co-curated shows. One of these happened beneath an old church in St Pancras in a cold crypt containing 557 tombs which was once used as a shelter from WW2 bombs. This dark damp crypt gallery space was turned into an explosion of joy and colour. For Sue's birthday during the exhibition, I organised for a dancer actor to emerge from a roll of carpet unravelled down a long walkway that ended at the feet of Sue. What an evening that was!

We went on to co-curate group shows involving Sue's artwork with a growing coterie of like minded artists including Ella Guru and John William in exhibitions titled Wow, Flashier and Trashier, Epiphanies and Dare to Wear. These were in galleries that included Novas near Tate Modern although our true enduring spiritual base was to be found in a challenging and unlikely place. This NHS Conference Centre is located in a striking Victorian building at St Pancras Hospital and is now considered by many to be one of London's Art world secrets with visitors not expecting to find such a beautiful surprise. Sue has added to its stature over the last 10 years with her support and co-curated Arts Project exhibitions. These alternate themed exhibitions that explore the joy of colour with explorations of wild extremes of needlework and stitchery.

Watch out for news of a planned collaboration between The Arts Project and Sue later in 2021 when we return to see what is happening with the pleasures and possibilities of the world in colour.

As an additional homage to Sue's inspirational links with younger artists we include this transfigured portrait by young artist Katelyn Barnes of an original photo. The result explores the physical surfaces of paint and photography while suggesting Sue's true love for Art that fights to overcome, and enriches an often drab colourless world.

Artwork by Katelyn Barnes from an original photograph by Ruthie Stevens

"I am an Outsider Artist, an accidental artist, a happy victim of an unexpected epiphany in my late 50s."

"Now I hover somewhere between 80 and eternity. I live for colour, I live for art, and I live to help younger unsung artists receive a fair share of visibility and success."

"I am surrounded by art. My art and the art of my friends and proteges. I live, breathe, eat, drink and dream it. I wear it. I bury myself in it. I wrap myself in its profundity. My life is an oasis of art and colour. Every gorgeous piece of it, the making of it, the collecting of it, the viewing of it, the whole entirety of it, the glorious colourful clutter of it, keep me safe, keep me sane, keep me unutterably happy. My life is filled with love and colourful joy."

"Altered mannequins, embellished dolls, memory jugs, paintings, sculptures, assemblages, installations...they tell profound stories, they contain anima, they represent boundless and wild creativity, they leap out at me and my visitors from every niche and corner. Too much?? Don't be silly. Less is less, more is not nearly enough.

My beliefs are: kitsch can be spiritual. Minimalism is scary. Beige might kill you. Art is the glue that holds our life together and tells our story to the world.

I am the art and the art is me. There is no separation."

"During quarantine, some of us went wild, making art all day and all night, with no restrictions. Locked in, all by ourselves, surrounded by art supplies. We madly made art like no one was looking. Then we posted all over social media where everyone was looking. So obsessive. So prolific. So much sharing. Quarantine was exhilarating."

"When will the Pandemic end? It's going to be awhile. Quite awhile. The entire world has been brought to its knees, and after it's over, the world will be a different place entirely.

Of course, the arts will suffer. They are suffering already. Galleries going out of business, museums shutting down, and, in some cases, disappearing for good, funding is drying up: the structures of the visual art business are crippled.

Artists, especially Outsider Artists will continue making art. It's what gets us out of bed in the morning, it's what keeps deep depression at bay, it is as necessary to us as breathing. And the angst and uncertainty of the times will make our art even more profound, complicated, and deeply meaningful.

But where to exhibit, how to make a living wage, how to survive this disaster? On line exhibitions are the thing right now, Zoom, Instagram, virtual this, that and the other are filling the gaps, but in a small and makeshift way. What happens when the cyber attacks bring everything down?

So my answer to the question that was posed to me: "How will the arts survive the Pandemic?" is: I don't know! It's scary, it's complicated, and - right now - there is no end in sight.

During the plague years, Shakespeare wrote King Lear. While you are waiting out the Pandemic, create your own masterpiece. There is plenty of time. Make this period of history meaningful for you.

As far as the future is concerned: Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Love, strength and hope to all."

Thank you Sue for being our Artist Of The Month.