The World of Sue Kreitzman

Sue is on her way! Sue wears unique one-off kimonos that have been customised by herself and her artist friends. They are sustainable, last for decades and are always in fashion...

Momtaz Begum-Hossain chats to Sue about her fashion choices

"I'm basically wearing a great big comfy dressing gown every single day but it makes such an impact. And I'm always comfortable and always in fashion. I'm outside of fashion and it releases me from the tyranny of fashion. Even if I have no time I can grab something, put it on and I'm always impeccably dressed and always comfortable. It's a great way of life."

Watch the video on Sue's Youtube channel by clicking on the image below: (opens in a new window)

Sue in New York with kimonos and Friends

Sue's friend and her 'Knight in Shining Armour' Joseph Knight, visited her during her last stay in New York and they shared ideas and admired Sue's handmade kimonos. Joseph manages Sue's North American Art Collection. Find out more about Joseph's work by clicking the photo below (opens in a new window).

The above kimonos use Sue's paintings printed onto fabric and sewn onto them by her good friend, Artist and Craftsperson Diane Goldie. See more of Diane's work by clicking on the logo below: (opens in a new window)

Sue's Arty Masks!

Here's a gallery of some Sue's handmade masks - why waste an opportunity to express your creativity?

Mask designed and made by @tinktopia

Masks designed and made by @planetwonky

Mask designed and made by @dianewoodwardart

Masks designed and made by Anne Sophie Cochevelou

Masks designed and made by @lasirena_nyc